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Perfect Hearts And Arrows Symmetry

By most expert accounts, the Crystal Carbon lab created stone is simply the closest copy visually of a diamond created since the famed Moissanite was introduced on the market several years ago. Crystal Carbon Laboratories has spent many years perfecting their laboratory process that has resulted in the creation of this remarkable gem.

For the consumer, the Crystal Carbon lab created stone is the closest thing to having a diamond without the expense. The process used is quite remarkable and has resulted in a product that the public has been clamoring for, although their annual production will be limited for the foreseeable future.

Crystal Carbon Laboratories has certainly created a synthetic stone that the public is taking notice, offering

The closest diamond substitute ever created by Crystal Carbon Laboratories

characteristics that on the surface seem just as beneficial as having a real diamond without the expense. While the process that created the Crystal Carbon lab created stone remains under wraps, the benefits that this lab grown stone are well documented.

Flawless: Crystal Carbon lab created stones are flawless, just like a perfectly cut diamond. This synthetic creation by Crystal Carbon Laboratories is nearly perfect, colorless and has even more fire and brilliance than a real diamond. The clarity in particular is quite remarkable considering that previous simulated diamonds were often distinguished by their dullness. Because of this clarity and perfect hearts and arrows symmetry, the “fire” that denotes is breathtaking!

Density: Although this lab created stone does not have the hardness of a real diamond, it is far denser in nature. Plus, the Crystal Carbon lab created stone is dense enough to cut glass easily, making it appear even more like a real diamond.

Value: Because of the high quality process used to create the Crystal Carbon lab created stone, the value of this lab created stone has held up unlike its counterparts. The quality of the creation process alone is enough to help sustain the value of these lab created stones, making it a good investment for those who want the benefits of a diamond ring without the expense.

Rarity: Although the Crystal Carbon lab created stones are relatively inexpensive compared to a real diamond, only 1000 of these lab grown gems will be produced on an annual basis. This helps to preserve its value while satiating the demand for this product. A certificate of authenticity will be provided by Crystal Carbon Laboratories for each one of the synthetic diamonds that have been produced, including an individual serial number.


Once mounted it’s virtually indistinguishable from a real diamond!


Crystal Carbon Laboratories has truly created a unique diamond substitute that is so realistic it can even visually fool many experienced jewelers. From the beauty, clarity and density that meets and exceeds a real diamond, the Crystal Carbon lab created stone is certainly one of the most celebrated synthetic creations of the past two decades. With all the benefits of a real diamond without the expense, the Crystal Carbon lab created gem is certain to be in demand for a long time to come.







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