Are your black diamonds synthetic?

No. these are the only stones we sell that are earth mined.


Are your synthetic diamonds real diamonds?

No. They are similar to a diamond visually. In fact our lab created stones out sparkle a real diamond.


Will it test as a real diamond with an electronic diamond tester?

No. The reason for this is because its not real diamond.


Why are your man made diamonds better than real diamonds?

First off , the majority of real diamonds are “blood diamonds” Google this to find out more.

Our lab created stones out sparkle real diamonds. Also our stones have real investment quality!


What is the exact make up of your stones?

It took years to get the formula just right and we do not plan to release this information any time soon. OUR PROCESS INCLUDES EXTREME HEAT WITH A UNIQUE BLEND OF 8 COMPOUNDS INCLUDING ZIRCON AND CARBON WHICH CREATES A DIAMOND LIKE STONE WITH A  HARDNESS OF APPROXIMATELY  8.9